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Balsan Industry is very important in protecting your personal information and complies with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Promotion. Agreements on the collection and utilization of personal information of the emission industry are as follows.

1. Items of personal information to be collected
Balsan Industry collects the minimum amount of personal information necessary for service use when applying for consultation.
You must enter (customer name and telephone number) at the time of application in order to use the services of the Emission industry. However, options (company name, mobile phone, e-mail) are not limited to using the service, even if they are not entered.

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
Balsan Industry collects and utilizes your personal information to provide optimal service for your preference as marketing materials through consulting, purchase request, and catalog request.
he specific purpose and purpose of collection according to the personal information items collected are as follows
- Company name and customer name: Used for self-confirmation procedures according to the service application.
- E-mail address, phone number: Securing a smooth communication path for handling call applications, etc.
- Other choices: Data to provide personalized service

3. Personal information retention period and period of use
our personal information will be destroyed when the purpose of personal information collection or the purpose provided has been achieved.
However, even if the purpose of collection or the purpose provided has been achieved, your personal information may be retained if there is a need to be preserved in accordance with the provisions of the Act, such as commercial law.

Please check if you accept the privacy policy.

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